Maria-Raquel Weaver, MD

Dr. Maria Raquel Weaver is a Board Certified Internal Medicine specialist. She attended Florida International University for her undergraduate degree in Biology and transferred to the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she ultimately received a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology. While completing her master’s thesis, she began her medical career at UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW). In 2010, she earned both her Medical Degree (MD) and her Master of Arts in Anthropology. She continued her postgraduate medical education at the UTSW Internal Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Weaver successfully completed the program in June 2013 and started her career as a hospital doctor.

Since her graduation, Dr. Weaver has dedicated her career to taking care of hospitalized patients and now seeks to care for patients as a primary care physician. Her goal is to make her patients the healthiest version of themselves by addressing specific barriers and determinants of health. Dr. Weaver understands that each patient is different and each patient’s care needs to be tailored to their

Dr. Weaver is the proud mother of two children, Sam and Ellie. During her free time, she likes to paint with her daughter Ellie, who is a budding artist. She also enjoys cooking with her son, Sam, who often quality checks food prior to serving. Finally, when she does allow some time for herself, she practices yoga, moving meditation, and tries out new foods at local restaurants that she hasn’t had before.